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A sleek modern design using carpet for sheet covers and an overhang made with slabs and lights to create a cool lighting effect. It is also made on a slab floor to create a lower bed for a contemporary look. 
(Submitted by kyubeen)

A lovely retro wooden headboard design that encompasses two bedside tables. 
The many elements add texture and warmth.
(Submitted by Cleo1345

A gorgeous bed made of cobblestone, with layered pillows and carpet sheets fit for a King! 
Available in a choice of colours.

Sleek and modern bed with snow layers pillows to add a sense of realism.
(Submitted by DragonmaXXS)

Add a bit of warmth with neutral linens. This bed has been built on a slab floor to allow a multi tone effect. 
(Submitted by tentickiller)

Who doesn't want a Race Car Bed?! This is a cool addition to a kids room.
(Submitted by Krazymaax)
A Minecraft bed design using snow and a mushroom block.
(Submitted by sagemcbride)

Submitted by TheUnknownKnower

Submitted by tentickiller

A showy way to fill in extra space in a bedroom. The lattice around the top is made by using fences, but gates can also be used.

See the Poster Bed being made in the Video Below:

A nice Minecraft bed design using Hatches, Wool and Pressure Plates.

See this bed being built in the video below:

With a Cot and Change Table.

Below is a simple, yet pleasant to the eye, Minecraft bed with a backboard.
Just place a Full Wood Block (or a block of your choice) into the wall behind the bed.