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The Minecraft Grandfather Clock. 
You can also substitute the gold block head with an item frame and gold block instead.
(Submitted by Zeldatroy16)

Using a mixture of carpet and wool, you can make it look like there is a blanket (or bed throw) on top of the bed.
(Submitted by EdenC996)

Creating a mirror image Room with some "glass" in-between, is a great way to complete a bathroom or simply just give the illusion of a Mirror anywhere.

This one below uses Ice Blocks for a nice Mirror effect.
(Submitted by retaq)

The mirror below places a glass block on the bench in the mirror image, giving a true illusion of a reflection.

To create a separation of rooms, use sugar cane in between rooms to add separation without actually building a wall.
(Submitted by sagemcbride)
A realistic and extravagant fish tank.
(Submitted by retaq)

A cool drawer design - just an item frame with an anvil and a sign on top. A nice addition to cabinets and drawers to add that extra detail around your home. 
Submitted by Cabes413

Built using Bookshelves, Hatches and Ice Blocks. (Only easy to make in Creative Mode)


We added some Fish BEFORE placing the Ice Blocks.

BrowsOfSteel has greatly improved on our design by finding a way to keep the Fish Tank stocked with fish. It's an absolutely amazing build and ingenious concept. Check it out below:

A nice lighting alternative that looks great and only uses a two block height.
Recommended that your ceiling height is at least 5 high - here we have 6
Cover the side of a grass block completely and only expose the top.
Note: to have a grassy top in survival, you will need to grow it by first attaching your block to an existing grassy block. Read more on this method on the Minecraft Wiki page: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Grass