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Use pistons around the perimeter, and a block of your choice in the middle, to create an inviting dining table. Top it off with carpet to match your room and voila!
(Submitted by EdenC996)

The Java was the first Minecraft one-block high table to have legs, through the utilisation of a slab floor.


Smaller legs are achieved by using stairs:


Watch the guide below to see how this low Minecraft table is made:

Using just an ordinary Piston - we get one of the best looking tables in Minecraft!

Using Stairs as Bench Chairs.


View the instructional video below for our guide on building the Minecraft Diner Style table and seats:

Put Stairs into the floor facing the Pistons. Then place Stairs on top facing away from the pistons.

Nice dining room table. Able to seat 4 or more. Using either wood or stone fencing for each corner with string placed underneath and carpet spread across the top. Allows for colour matching and expression.
(Submitted by LaReinta)
Incorporating interesting elements into an inventive design. This small table is ideal for placing chairs on the next block as it provides ample leg room. This table must be placed against a wall in order to place the table top (Hatch).

A simple design using fences and placing pressure plates on top. Can be as big or as small as your space requires.

An ultra stylish option for when a nook needs a table surface. Iron bar and Hatches come together for this seasons hottest table solution.

The Steve is easy yet versatile. Perfect for filling up that little bit of empty space.