Reverie Resort

We came 3rd in the Planet Minecraft Island Resort Project Contest.

We are all about the finer details and didn’t skimp on any element that would ensure that Steve has a vacation he will thoroughly enjoy and always remember…

Steve will arrive by Cruise Ship onto a majestic tropical island – where he has the choice of staying in over-water bungalows perched above clear waters, on-shore villas stretching along a private beach, or a mountain top hotel with full amenities.

Steve can enjoy relaxing therapies in the Island Spa Centre or book himself into some adrenaline pumping island activities including Shipwreck diving – Hang-Gliding – Jet Skiing – Rock Climbing and much more, from the comfort of the beautiful Island Lobby.

If Steve wishes to have a break from his usual adventurous life – he can soak up the beauty of the island by going Coral Snorkeling – Kayaking – Hot-Air Ballooning, play some Beach Volleyball, Basketball, enjoy the sights from a Chairlift or maybe just sun himself at the glorious Lobby Pool or Beaches that includes a Cafe.

Full amenities are available on the island – including The Salty Muscle Gym, Restaurants, Bars, The Cave Club and Casino, and a courtesy Ferry. There are also many activities and hidden wonders for Steve to discover if he explores the island a little more including:
– A Meditation Cave
– Ancient ruins beneath the island
– A lookout
– A wedding chapel
– A Museum/Art Gallery
– Hot Springs
– And much more!



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