Barrier Blocks

The Barrier is an invisible block, which is only obtainable via the /give command. The Barrier doesn’t block light, and can’t be destroyed by fire or explosions.

The benefit in Minecraft Furniture design, is that any block can be attached to it. Which allows a variety of interesting design configurations.

How to get the Barrier Block

To obtain a Barrier, you will need to be in Creative Mode, Or have cheats enabled in Survival Mode.

Ensure you have an empty slot selected in your hotbar…

Open Chat (Usually by pressing ‘T’) and type the Command:

/give @s barrier

You will have this in your Hotbar:

Select it and place as a normal block.

After placing Barriers, they will only be visible while holding a Barrier in your hand.

What can we do with the Barrier?

You’ll have to use your imagination, and experiment a little.. but here are some ideas to get the juices flowing….



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