How to get Armor Stands Straight Every Time

Armor Stands are a great tool for building furniture in Minecraft. You can find a few examples of that on this website, by vieing posts tagged with ‘Armor Stand‘.

One of the issues we find in Java Edition, is that when placing an Armor Stand, it can come out with a random neck position, usually tilted or turned slightly.

Often when using the Armor Stand in Furniture Design, you want to have the Neck or Head to be perfectly straight….

Armor Stand Dispenser Trick

There is a guaranteed way to place an Armor Stand with the perfectly straight version.

Place down a Dispenser facing the position you want to place the Armor Stand…

Place Armor Stands in the Dispenser…

Activate the Dispenser using Redstone, or Lever etc…

The Dispenser spits out a perfect Armor Stand…

Now you can build something like the Minecraft Upright Piano

Minecraft Piano Design



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