Snooker Table

Combining the Invisible Item Frame, and the “Fixed” Item Frame to make a Minecraft Snooker Table Design.

Note: Java Edition Build

Watch the video:

Commands used in video:

/summon item_frame ~ ~ ~ {Invisible:1,Fixed:1,Facing:1,Item:{id:”red_concrete”,Count:1}}

Note: “red_concrete” can be replaced with the block/item you require.

/data merge entity @e[type=item_frame,sort=nearest,limit=1] {itemRotation:1}

/summon Command explanation:

The purpose of summoning an Invisible Item Frame is to prevent texture clipping when the carpet is placed on top.

The purpose of including the Fixed Item Frame type in the command, is to allow the carpet to be placed on top (usually carpet cannot be placed on top of an Item Frame)

The reason a /summon command is required at all?
Two reasons… 1. This is the easiest way to use a command to place a Fixed Item Frame with a block already inside, and 2. a way to combine Invisible and Fixed Item frames together.

/data Command explanation:

The /data command is used to rotate the block inside the item frame. the number in “{itemRotation:1}” represents 1 of 8 cardinal points. ie. you can adjust the number to rotate the block more.



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